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Post  Admin on Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:22 pm

This topic is for ideas about the Campaign Map. That is, what size? Ten miles by ten Miles; 100 by 100? What scale? What real life campaign or campaign area should we fight out first campaign in? How fast for movement on the map?

Here are my ideas about the Campaign Map. It should be fairly small, thirty miles by thirty miles for instance, because the scale ought to be one square (or hex) equals 2.5 miles (or 4.0 km). Why that scale? Because that's one hour's road march by infantry in good weather on dry roads. Also, because that's the size of the smallest of the SOW maps and the other are multiples of that size. Why is that relevant? Because we're going to fight the battles on SOW maps and we can 'patch' those maps together into a campaign map. I hear you: "Patch? What the blue blazes does that mean?? Mad " We make a map of our chosen campaign area with hexes that are 2.5 miles across and predominantly one type of terrain. Then we choose a map from the SOW maps that is mostly what we think of that type of terrain being and assign that battle map to that campaign map hex. When we have a battle in that hex, we know what map to use and since it was decided before-hand, the choice isn't influenced by any tactical advantage that might be had from choosing one tactical map over another.

A campaign map that is 30 miles by 30 miles would be 12 hexes wide and 12 hexes long. If an infantry move on the Campaign Map is 4 hexes, that's four hours, so one Campaign Turn equals four hours. Why do we care? Because a tactical battle might last two hours and if it does, one side or both sides might be able to reinforce their position with more troops moving into the battle. So infantry moves 4, then cavalry ought to move 6, if it's moving alone - that is, without infantry or without escorting wagons or guns - and HQ units ought to move 8 and couriers 8 likewise (maybe 10?) There ought to be suitable reductions for moving off-road in different kinds of terrain and I had made up a table of such movement rates for a Napoleonic Kriegsspiel campaign that I started some months ago, but I won't burden the forum or you guys with it; suffice it to say I have a movement chart. If a Turn equals four hours then there are six turns in a Campaign Day. We could called those turns Morning (dawn or 0600 to 1000); Midday (1000 to 1400); Afternoon (1400 to 1800 or dusk); Evening (sundown or 1800 to 2200); Night (2200 to 0200); Late night (0200 to 0600 or dawn). There ought to be a rule that you cannot move more than two consecutive Turns without resting at least one Turn and if you do, you suffer fatigue penalties. (I'm not entirely certain that fatigue penalties can be added to the OOB information without major mod work, but if it can be done fairly easily or at least routinely, then we ought to use them; maybe not for forced marches, but for something.)

All those things, as I'm sure you already know, fit into a kind of jigsaw puzzle where if you change one, then one, none, some or all of the others have to change as well. These are my ideas about them and I'd really like to see your ideas posted too.



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